We can help you

  • increase average ticket total.

  • inspire customer loyalty.

  • improve customer retention.

  • decrease customer defection.

  • improve average wallet spend.

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1. Measure

First, we’ll deploy our mystery shoppers armed with our proprietary data-gathering techniques to establish baselines for frontline employee behaviors that are impacting your experience.

2. Analyze

Next, we’ll take that data and create a roadmap aimed at improving your customer experience in a meaningful and substantive way. This is a tailored, experience-improvement plan, created just for you.

3. Deploy

Equipped with our experience improvement gameplan, you’ll have all the tools you need to implement these changes on the frontline, at the forefront of the customer experience.

4. Results + Repeat

Paying close attention to your dashboard, you’ll be able to see—virtually in real-time—how the process is working. And don’t forget about the most important metric of all: the bottom line.

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